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Aerofuels International provides jet fuel uplifts at more than 1000 airports around the world under direct contracts with major international oil companies Shell Aviation, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, TotalFinaElf, ChevronTexaco, Agip Petroli, Hanwha, Kuwait Petroleum, StatOil and others. The clients can enjoy the convenience of settling accounts with Aerofuels back in Moscow.

In order to choose the most competitive supplier at each airport, get the best purchasing prices for aviation fuel, the company's experts use unique know-how to comprehensively analyze prices in the interna-tional market of fuels, oils and lubricants, taking into account even insignificant market trends and seasonal fluctuations.

Aerofuels International in foreign airports include not only Russian aviation carriers but also foreign ones that gives us evidence of the professionalism of the employees and of high level of trust to the Russian company. Aviation carriers refuel their flights through Aerofuels Group in all European countries, USA, Canada etc. However, during their extensive practice the managers of Aerofuels International had to arrange refuelling in rather exotic countries within the shortest possible time: Greenland, Northern Mariana Islands, Tanzania, Timor, Guam, Laos and Cambodia, Cote dIvoire this is just an incomplete list of exotic places where airlines have been refuelled thanks to Aerofuels International.

Currently we work with more than 80 carriers from Russia, CIS and other countries. Among our clients are Aeroflot, Transaero, British Airways, Delta, Luftgansa, Air France, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines etc.

We often need to refuel not only regular but also special flights in different spots of our planet. We are glad that our work allows the airlines and their passengers filling welcome in the airspace and move nearly without any limitations, - says Gennady Pavlenko, the General Director of Aerofuels International.

Aerofuels International world without borders.

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